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Research at OP Natura does not just mean working to optimise products, but also constantly improving methods of storage and conservation, which are now crucial aspects for tackling a global market, making the difference between a high-quality product and one that goes off within a few hours. As a result, we work to improve our storage centres, investing in research and technological modernisation so that we always have units, warehouses and vehicles available that can protect the quality of the products, ensuring that they can be kept in good condition for long periods without using chemicals and preservatives.

Our centres where the product is picked and packed ensure that the work can be done in ideal hygiene and health conditions, with temperature-controlled conservation of the products and numerous adjustments to lengthen the conservation period, reducing the deterioration percentage of the fruit.

The current centres will soon be joined by others, which will make full use of technological innovation to make longer conservation of the products possible, while maintaining the taste of the fruit intact, alongside its aesthetic quality – an increasingly valued factor on the eastern markets.

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