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OP Natura has a dynamic, light horizontal structure, which, thanks to the energy of young professionals, successfully provides the fullest support to the member producers every day, as well as planning that is always in step with the times and capable of foreseeing and identifying future market trends.

This central structure with its wealth of skills and capacity to manage the network in a cooperative, coordinated way is OP Natura’s great strength, recognised as such by all its members. This advantage has the capacity to attract new members and set new standards in terms of quality and timescales for management of day-to-day operations. The result is that all the nodes in the cooperative network get rapid updates and all the information they need to complete their work while rationalising costs and achieving the best possible results.

All of this is coordinated and led by Vincenzo Filardo, OP Natura’s dynamic, energetic chairman, who with his enthusiasm and great passion for his work, succeeds every day in encouraging producers and colleagues to give their best at all times – partly so that the cooperative grows but most importantly to give Calabria a better image, which OP Natura exports as an Italian-made quality brand throughout the country and abroad.

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