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Although our members produce a wide range of fruit and vegetable produce, ranging from watermelon to fennel, via cantaloupes, peaches, apples and much more, we decided to focus on promoting Clementines of Calabria PGI, kiwis and oranges, as these three are the products that get the best reception on the market and for which we have the highest production capacity, in terms of both quality and also knowledge and technique in large-scale cultivation.

Oranges and clementines are two citrus products historic to Calabria, particularly found on the plains of Gioia Tauro-Rosarno and Sibari-Corigliano, which, thanks to the unusual climate conditions and rich soil, have always yielded delicious fruit of the highest quality. In the last few years, again thanks to the unusual climate conditions, these two products have been joined in this area by the Hayward kiwi fruit with excellent results. Calabria is now one of the main producers of this product at both a national and an international level.

These three cornerstones of the fruit and vegetable sector, with the right conservation, storage and marketing, constitute an important economic resource for both Calabria as a whole and for our PO, which bases its own success and its capacity to attract new buyers on them – buyers who are increasingly interested in Italian produce that unites quality, tradition and respect for the local area.

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