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Member Services

OpNatura believes decisively in cooperation and mutual support, and therefore as a producer organisation it supports its members and suppliers with conviction and professionalism. The services with the highest added value are those focused on improving fruit and vegetable production in terms of both growth and innovation in the business.

OpNatura’s members can access agronomic advice services to enable them to achieve high-quality crops that meet all the applicable standards and obligations, as well as supporting individual producer farms in improving their knowledge of the product, the soil and the surrounding land, ensuring that everything works together harmoniously. Agronomic support makes it possible to limit any diseases or insect attacks, map the land in detail and build up historic knowledge that allows actions to be improved year on year to achieve healthy plants and good, wholesome products.

Farms need support in innovation, mechanisation and research now more than ever, and it is all but compulsory for a producer organisation to support these needs, which can guarantee the growth and continued existence of its members. OpNatura supports its businesses with a planning office which puts together the needs and requirements of its members to devise strategies and plans, ensuring that problems are solved and innovative techniques and approaches are used to improve productivity and quality within the business. This day-to-day work with our members makes it possible to work in a planned way with a clear vision of the future, based on a solid foundation formed from our members’ day-to-day experience and the reports they make from different areas.

It’s a new way of working together, cooperating tangibly every day so that we can grow together and give the market the responses and guarantees that it is looking for. This benefit is widely appreciated and guarantees high quality standards and beautiful, good-quality, healthy products.


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