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The Gioia Tauro Plain is now one of the best production areas in Italy in terms of the plant/product ratio for the Hayward kiwi, thanks to the mild climate, the right level of humidity, and the fertile soils where the kiwi plant germinates easily, meaning that in Calabria this fruit from New Zealand seems to have found the conditions for an ideal yield.

In fact, in terms of size, weight and shape, the Calabrian kiwi is among the most high-quality in the world, not to mention its taste and scent, along with better conservability, which all go to show how high the quality of this Calabrian product is.

The first kiwis appear on the plants in October and throughout the winter, then they are kept in refrigeration units which preserve their flavour and freshness so that the consumer can enjoy a fresh, healthy product all year round. In addition, thanks to the coordination carried out by our organisation, all crops are controlled and follow the same protocols so that the product is entirely genuine and reliable throughout the supply chain and for the buyer in the fruit aisles of supermarkets or groceries.

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