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Abou Us

The Natura Soc. Coop. Agricola producer organisation was founded in 2012 in Polistena (Reggio Calabria) on the Gioia Tauro Plain to boost, promote and concentrate members’ production.

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Kiwis, Clementine IGP di Calabria, Oranges and many more…


Our Products…


The Gioia Tauro Plain is now one of the best production areas in Italy in terms of the plant/product ratio for the Hayward kiwi, thanks to the mild climate, the right level of humidity, and the fertile soils.

Clementines of Calabria PGI

Clementines have now become a ‘must’ in Calabrian fruit and vegetable production, and can be considered a real gem of Calabria.


Oranges of every kind are certainly the most widely grown fruit in Calabria, given that orange crops can be found virtually everywhere in the region.

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For any information you could contact Us by mail or phone.

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