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Our commitment to protecting the entire production chain from the producer to the consumer is clearly demonstrated by the certifications to which each product and process we have is subject, as well as our ongoing commitment to quality control and improvement.

OP Natura is an agricultural cooperative which holds ISO 9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004), BRC – Global Standard For Food Safety – issue 7, IFS – Food Standard rev. 6 April 2014, and Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certifications. We emphasise that the last of these is a voluntary certification, but for us it is a real feather in our cap because we believe in protecting the region, the supply chain, labour and our various products as a founding value of OP Natura. Many of our products are also certified Organic, to protect the health of people and local areas as rigorously as possible by following strict rules. Our Clementines of Calabria also bear the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) label, which guarantees that all the clementines are grown according to strict standards in Calabria, as they can only bear this label if produced and/or processed in the specific geographical area indicated by legislation.

For us, these are not just labels, but rather ongoing strict checks, good practices and areas of focus that are put into practice every day by our members so that we can achieve a better and better product that enhances the region where it is produced.

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