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About Us

OpNatura is a producer organisation from Calabria, formed to promote three of the region’s most important fruit products: Clementines of Calabria PGI, kiwi fruit and oranges. These three products are in demand on the market for their quality, their unique taste and their high vitamin content, with all the health benefits this offers.

We decided to join forces to multiply the strength of our businesses and traditional products, because in a complex, global context like today’s, small businesses that remain isolated are (often) doomed to fail or stay undersized. Together, as well as increasing our strength, we also increase our capacity to manage, store and sell products, making the most of the market and tackling the international markets as well – with the right knowledge and relationship skills.

The democratic nature of the PO means that all members feel equally represented and protected, and with healthy internal debate we can outline the best planning strategies for the area and for promoting and optimising our products. It’s a new way of working together which is now yielding results, bringing Calabrian fruit to markets that were previously marginal or hardly known.

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